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We are only starting to put this wiki together. Please feel free to join in and collaborate.

A special thanks to Nioden and MickMcMonkey who are putting in a huge amount of effort. :)

Johannes (aka Gr81, Theia)

Site Overview

The main aim of this site is to provide information about the MMOG Heroes of Gaia. (Yes, that is my recruitment link - if you're not already a member sign up via there and I get referral credit.) Heroes of Gaia is run by a company called WebMMO, which also run other free browser MMOGs. This site is only about Heroes of Gaia, however.

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About the Game

Heroes of Gaia is a browser MMOG. This means you don't need to download a client; the game uses Flash in a browser window. It is a war game, meaning while there are quests and computer-controlled threats to test yourself against, the ultimate aim is to defeat other players. As with most of these games, resources are gathered over time (or won in battles) and building, researching and training all takes large amounts of time. Life can be made more convenient with the purchase of 'points' but even this will not allow a player to beat all opponents (which is just as well). Points are a large advantage though - for example a player can purchase the ability to train multiple troops at once and also purchase the resources needed.

The game itself is fairly well put together. The graphics are superior to other games of this type I have seen, and the gameplay is good. Advancement is relatively quick, but not so quick as to get boring immediately. Combats can be controlled to some degree in a combat screen, again making it unlike other games of this genre I've come across. A range of quests assist in introducing new players to the game, although they do not cover everything. In general though, if you have played games of this nature you will have no trouble picking up the playing mechanics.

I have already mentioned that the graphics are great and combats are partially controllable. Most other areas of this game are good, but the things that really stand out for me is the fact that point-buying is relatively balanced (e.g. the top players of Theia at the moment have not made much use of points at this stage) and that the support is very good. I must say I'm used to free games having little or no support (and sympathy) from GMs. Heroes of Gaia has a help channel which automatically put you in contact with any GMs online. The one time I've tried that I have had an instant, friendly and helpful response. I am impressed. Posts and questions in forums are also answered relatively quickly. [Edit: The help channel has recently been removed. Assistance through the forums is still relatively quick, though.]

Another very good thing has been the special events so far. This is the second week of open beta, and we've had two special weekends and almost daily activities. In addition we have at least two contests running currently through the forums. All of this helps encourage people to stay on, and to interact with other players socially.

The major downside so far is that, being a Beta, there are a still a number of bugs. Some of these have been around for a couple of weeks now and still haven't been addressed. One example is a bug that means some players cannot see their guild chat channels. Given the level of support, however, I am confident that major bugs will be resolved by the time the game leaves beta development. [Edit: Several days after writing this a work-around was given for this bug, and I can chat in Guild Chat again. Yay!]

On the whole, I am recommending this game to my friends (and not just because I get points for referrals). If you play a different browser game it is very worthwhile giving Heroes of Gaia a try, although any friends who remain playing the other game might prefer you didn't.


  • Completed the spell list for humans and elves.
  • Added the npc attack page. Haven't completed the cost/reward table yet.
  • Added the treasure page. Haven't completed the cost/reward table yet.
  • Added the resource page. Haven't completed the reward table yet.
  • Added the player levels page.
  • Added the Walkthrough section, and started the Orc walkthrough.
  • Added the Races section and discussed Elves (ArcherCD).
  • Added the Units section and have mostly completed the human units table. Nioden has mostly completed the rest of it. Thanks!
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