Attacking NPCs

To attack an NPC either left-click on one on the map or use the Search button (top right of the map screen) to locate one and then select view. Using Search you can view all NPCs close to the map location you are currently viewing or only those of a certain level.


In either case, the NPC Attack window will open. This window shows you what NPCs are present, and how many. It also gives you the total strength of the NPC group (Defending Force on the left-hand side) as well as the minimum force to attack this NPC group (bottom left) and the suggested army size (bottom right). Note that your hero will boost your troops, so you should be able to beat an NPC grouping even if your army total is lower. Having a stronger army means you take less casualties though. If you want to attack this group, press the attack button. If not close the window (the 'x' in the top right of the window) and choose a different one. Note that if you mouse over the NPC units you see their stats.


If you choose to attack, the Go to Battle window will open. This will allow you to select which castle you are attacking from (top left drop-down menu) and which hero from that castle will attack (top right drop-down menu). The Units box (left-hand side) shows the strength of that heroe's army, and the army itself is shown on the right. If you want to adjust this army choose "Arrange Units".

You will need Action Points (AP) to carry out the attack. The AP needed and remaining are shown near the top of the window. The AP for attacking each level of NPC are shown in the table below.

Tip: Make sure you are not sending your Castellan or you lose their bonuses to resource generation.

Note: If you have the Go to Battle window open a hero returns to the castle you are attacking from, that hero will take the place of whatever hero you currently have selected. This means you need to pay some attention to make sure that you won't have (for example) a hero returning from scouting when you're about to send off an attack. You could end up sending off the wrong hero.


Once you select Attack on the Go to Battle window, your hero will appear on the map beside their castle and start moving towards the target. The speed at which they move is based on the speed of the units in their army, their speed attribute and any buffs in place.

NPC Level Normal AP Cost Happy Hour AP Cost Gold Resources
1 7 3 100 5 (Lumber or Ore) OR X (Sulfur or Crystal)
2 9 4 150 10 (Lumber or Ore) OR X(Sulfur or Crystal)
3 12 6 300 X (Lumber or Ore) OR 8 (Sulfur or Crystal)
4 15 7 500 X (Lumber or Ore) OR 10 (Sulfur or Crystal)
5 17 8 800 X (Lumber or Ore) OR X (Sulfur or Crystal)
6 20 10 1000 X
7 23 11 ? ?
8 26 13 ? ?
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