Attacking Treasure

Attacking treasure is similar to attacking NPCs. Each treasure item is guarded by NPCs and the strength depends on the level of the item. There are a number of items of each level and each can be purchased in a Bazaar of the appropriate level. For example leather gloves are a level 1 item that can be purchased in a Bazaar or level 1 or higher. Note that you don't receive resources for attacking items; just the item itself. The item will be placed in your kingdom item storage once the hero returns from their successful attack.

The advantage of obtaining treasure through combat is threefold. Firstly it means you don't need to spend money, and secondly your hero receives XP for the combat. More importantly though items can be colored. Normal items are white, which means they have no special properties. Better items can be blue, yellow or other colors. Blue items have one or two magical abilities of a minor sort while yellow items can have up to four. Presumably green items are better than yellow, and so on. Item color appears to be determined randomly when you capture them; you can't tell the full properties of an item before you attack.

Below the items are sorted into levels. Note that these are the item levels when attacking and not the level of hero needed to use that item.

Level AP Cost Happy Hour AP Items
1 5 2 Leather Gloves, Robe
2 9 4 x
3 14 7 x
4 19 9 Demon Flail
5 24 12 x
6 30 15 x
7 35 17 x
8 41 20 x
9 47 23 x
10 52 26 x
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