Walkthrough - Orc

Part 1 - Building


The first view is of the inside of your main castle. Because the race is Orc, the scenery is appropriate. A window pops up to ask if we want the beginner tour or not. If you're doing this walkthrough I'll assume that you need this, so I chose Yes.


The tutorial will ask you to click on the Task button. When you do so, the Task window appears. Note that it has two tabs at the top; one for main tasks and one for daily tasks. The Main Tasks guide you through the beginnings of your stay in Gaia, but each can only be done once. The Daily Tasks are available each day, and the dailies available depend on your level.


There are two tasks available, as can be seen from the list on the left-hand side of the window. Before you can compete a task you must accept (get) it. If you complete what the task asks you to do but you haven't accepted it yet, problems can result. It is generally best to accept all tasks in the Main Task section as soon as they are available since there is no limit on the number of tasks accepted at any one time.

Once you have accepted both tasks, close the window by clicking on the Close button at the bottom. Most windows have this button. Note that there is also an 'X' in the top-right corner of each window that has the same effect. This is especially useful if something has popped up and is getting in the way of you clicking the Close button.


The main building that dominates your castle is you Town Hall. With the Orcs, this is the fanged fortress rising in the center. For other races the Town Hall looks different, but it is still in the same position. If you want to construct a new building, the Town Hall is the place to do it. Once the first stage of a building has been constructed, you can improve it by selecting the building itself.

Click on the Town Hall to enter it. The (sic) Townhall window has a list of buildings that haven't been built yet, with 'Build' buttons beside each and a quick description of what that building does. You will want to construct all of these buildings eventually. Note that constructing a building (and doing fairly much anything else requires resources. The resources you have in your castle are shown along the top of the screen. If you have multiple castles, the resources shown are those of the castle you currently have selected.

When you mouse of the 'Build' button of the Barracks, you can see the resources required. The text is white, meaning you have those resources available. If you don't have enough of a resource, that resource is shown in red. Note that there is an additional requirement for the barracks - you need to have a Townhall level 1. You also meet this requirement. Other buildings may require a higher level Town Hall, other buildings or particular spells.

Click on the 'Build' button of the barracks. A window will pop up giving you the requirements again. Select Build and the Barracks will start construction. Normally construction can take a while (hours or even days) but the initial barracks finishes instantly. You can now collect your reward. To do this go back to the task window, select the task you have completed, and click on Get Reward. Be careful not to click on Get Task again since this can cause a bug. (By the time you read this, the bug is probably already fixed but it's best to be safe.)


The Task window tells you (on the bottom of the main panel) what the reward for completing the quest will be. Once you click 'Get Reward' the listed resources (or other things) will be added to your stockpile. Note that quest rewards are always added to your main castle, even if you complete the quest from another castle.

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