Walkthrough - Orc

Part 2 - Heroes

When you have obtained your reward, the game will return to the main castle view. Note that the new building - the Barracks - is now visible. This is the tower just to the right of your Town Hall. The tutorial wants us to build a Hero Tower next, so better do that.


Back inside the Town Hall, the Hero Tower is the top building on the list. Select the Build button and then click Build again. Exit the window and obtain your reward. Note that the Hero Tower has also appeared now, on the far left of the castle window.


Click on the Task button again and obtain your reward. Obtain the next task (Build a Tavern). The tutorial won't let you obtain the other task, so leave that for now and close the Task window. Return to the Town Hall again and build the tavern. (You know how to do this by now, don't you?). Exit the Town Hall and obtain your reward. Note that the tavern is now visible, although it's a little hard to spot. The next task requires you to actually enter the Tavern. The tutorial highlights it for you.


Unfortunately at this point my tutorial crashed (it wouldn't show me the tavern and I ended up having to relog). This means we'll go through the rest without the tutorial. Feel free to go through the tutorial though - you'll get the same results. If you want to leave the tutorial, just close the Heroes of Gaia browser window and log on again. Remember to connect to the same server you did last time, or what you have done will have been lost.

When you have entered the tavern, you see its building window. Each building has its own window, and these will allow you to upgrade that building. Note that the upgrade button of the tavern is greyed out. If you mouse over this you will see that you need a level 2 Hero Tower before you can upgrade, and you currently have only Level 1. Don't worry about this for now.

The Tavern is where wandering heroes congregate. The heroes available in the tavern refresh every hour (the timer is on the right of the Tavern window). The number of heroes in their tavern, and their quality, is based on the level of the tavern. The quality is partially random, but in general higher level taverns have higher level heroes.


The tavern shown has two heroes; one human and one orc. The race of the hero has no game effect; it just makes the hero look different. We're playing Orc, but there is currently no penalty for controlling heroes of any of the other races. Heroes obviously just care about money. Anyway, there are two main things for your heroes to do; lead your troops into action and look after your castle. Each castle can have one hero assigned as its Castellan. I hired the top hero (the human) by clicking on the Recruit button. This costs the indicated amount of gold.

The reason I chose this hero is because she had better Int. The Intelligence of the Castellan boosts the amount of gold you castle generates, which is extremely useful. You'll quickly learn that gold is used for everything, and is possibly the most important of the resources along the top. Note that when the game talks about 'resources' it generally means only the other four and not gold.

Having recruited the hero I have completed the recruitment task. You should also hire a hero so you can complete this task. The heroes section of the website talks about heroes in more detail. For now, just be aware that good Int makes a good Castellan, and the other stats are all useful in combat. Also higher level heroes can have more troops assigned to them, which becomes very useful later.


We'll now appoint the hero that has been hired as the Castellan. Select the Hero Tower. You'll see the hero that you've hired is in the tower. At the top right there is the 'Appoint Castellan' button. When you click that you get a choice of who to appoint. You may get a bit of text clash with this sub-menu, but when you mouse over an option it should become clear. Chose the hero you just recruited (or the one with higher Int if you recruited two) and make them the Castellan. When you do, note that the number on the far right of the top bar on the screen (the green number) increases slightly.

Note that there is a Task that asks you to appoint a Castellan. If you haven't already done so, accept the Task. If you have already appointed a Castellan you can simply appoint the same hero as Castellan again; this doesn't change anything but does complete the quest.

Note that near the top of the Hero Tower, there is something saying Heroes 1/2. If you have hired two heroes this will read 2/2. The number on the left is the number of heroes you now control, and the number on the right is the maximum number of heroes you are allowed to control at the moment. As you gain levels you will be able to control more heroes.

Next resources, then combat.
- next assign to castellan

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