Walkthrough - Orc

Part 3 - Resources

In order to be successful we are going to need to build up an army in order to defend ourselves, as well as raiding others and harvesting resources, items and more from the lands near our castle. We will also need to build a whole lot more to make our castle useful. All of this costs resources.


The bar along the top of the screen shows you the details of your resources. These are represented by small icons. Going from the left we have lumber, ore, sulfur and crystal. Whether gold is really a resource of not, it is also shown here. Each resource has three numbers; the first white number gives the amount you currently have, the second gold number gives you storage limit, and the third green number gives your current production.

The white numbers (the resources you currently have) limit what you can build. The production (the green numbers) are how much of that resource you gain every hour, whether you are online or not. The gold numbers give the maximum capacity for that resource. This becomes very important since if you gain resources that would take you beyond this capacity, you lose any excess. For example, if you have 250 lumber and your capacity is 300, completing a quest whose reward is 100 lumber would take you to only 300 lumber (your capacity) and the other 50 would be lost. For this reason we will look at increasing our resource capacity now.

You can increase capacity in two ways; build and improve a warehouse and research better storing spells. Let us start by building a warehouse; we'll look at spells later. Before you start, make sure to accept the Build Warehouse task from the Main Task tab. If you don't see this task, make sure you have completed the other tasks we've already discussed, such as appointing the Castellan. Most of the tasks in the Main Task tab require that you have completed other tasks before they appear.

Once you have the task, go back to the Town Hall. The Warehouse is third from the top (unless you've already built a Bazaar, in which case it is second from the top). Build it, and note that it does not instantly appear. Instead it is shown on the map, but colored in greyscale. Mouse over it and you are told that it is being built. This takes about 5 minutes in total.


Note that in the top right of your screen there is a little bar with the words 'Build', 'Magic', 'Troops' and 'Buffs' on it. There is an arrow in the center of this bar. Clicking on this arrow unhides the queue window. You will now see a message there informing you that you are building a Level 1 Bazaar, and that it will be ready in a certain amount of time. This is a useful way to keep track of what you are waiting on.

Note that you can normally only be constructing one building at a time. Certain cards (that can be purchased or won) allow you to have more than one queue, but that is beyond the scope of this walkthrough.

For now we'll keep going. Once your warehouse is completed, you will see the gold numbers along the top increase. It is a good idea to build up your warehouse a bit so that you don't end up losing resources.

While we're waiting, let's use up a few more resources. The Tasks area has a quest to build some Imps, so accept that and click on the Barracks. Remember the Barracks is the tower just to the left of the Town Hall.


In the Barracks is a list of all the different troops that Orcs can build. Currently you can only build the easiest, the Imps. Note that you may already have some imps as a reward from earlier quests. If you mouse over the image of a troop type, or the 'Train' button, you will see the details of that unit. Imps are Tier 1 creatures (out of 10) so they are cheap, fast to build, and fairly weak. Still, they are enough to get us started. Click the Train button to bring up the Train window.


The top part of this window shows the unit details again. The details of all units in the game can be found here. The middle part gives the training selection and the lower part gives the cost. The resources shown at the bottom are the total amount that will be used up by the training, and this can't exceed the amount we have. Note that the Unit Cost shows the amount of gold each unit costs, and the Total cost shows how much gold we'll need to complete the training.

The green number is the number of troops we will train. Change this to a 5 (for the quest) and note how the Total cost and the amount of resources needed increases. Now click train and the unit training will start.

Like with almost everything, training troops takes time. On the queue window at the top right of the screen, click the word Troops. The window will not change to display the Troops queue(s). As with Build, you can normally train only one group of units at one time, but can gain the ability to have multiple queues through the use of items. Once the timer reaches 0 the troops are completed and we have finished the quest.


It is often good to keep all of your queues full. If you have the resources, always be ready to start the next building, group of units or spell research. If you can only do one building at a time, you may as well always be building something. Obviously this requires quite alot of resources.

The amount of resources we are getting per hour is rather small. We need to find other ways to gain resources. The Tasks help, but in the long term will run out. Additional resources can be gained through raiding other players, raiding monsters and resources on the map, and by capturing mines. All of these are combat related, and are discussed in the next section.

You may also find that you are short on one resources, but have more of others than you need at the moment. If you build a Market, you can swap resources. Ore and Lumber is considered worth half as much as Sulfur and Crystal, and the exchange rate follows this. For example you can swap 100 lumber for 50 sulfur, or 100 crystal for 200 ore. There is no cost for these swaps, so feel free to experiment. You can also sell resources to gain gold, although it is best if you use dailies for this (see the section on Daily Quests, later in the walkthrough).

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