Walkthrough - Orc

Part 4 - Preparing for Combat

Before we try to fight something, let's make sure we maximize our rewards. Accept the task 'Join a Battle' from the main task tab. Then select the Daily Tasks tab and accept the task 'Getting Started'. Both of these quests will reward us for the same thing, so we may as well take advantage of that.


We will need troops, but we have already built some. Feel free to build some more. Troops don't require upkeep, so there is no problem in having more troops that you really need. Indeed is impossible to have too many troops. Don't use up all your gold though.

We will also need another hero. If you haven't already recruited two heroes, go to the tavern again and recruit one of the heroes there. When you check your Hero Tower you should now have 2/2 heroes. Choose the hero with the highest combat stats (Attack, Defense and Speed). I recruited a first level elf hero.

On the bottom right of the screen is an information window. There are three tabs, and the 'Player' tab should currently be highlighted. This gives all sorts of useful information. Most important at the moment is the 'AP' part. These are the Action Points that heroes use to act. You should currently have 150/150.

Next we will need to assign some troops to our combat hero. This is the subject of another Task, so open the Task window and accept 'Units'. In fact you may as well accept the other quests too. If one of the quests available asks you to build a Bazaar do so, and it will be replaced with the 'Buy Equipment' quest. To buy Equipment, enter the Bazaar, select an item and click 'buy'. It won't make much difference at this stage, but feel free to try this. You might want to buy a Hood of Knowledge for your Castellan; the investment will be repaid fairly quickly through increased gold production.


Once you have the appropriate Tasks (and purchased equipment, if desired) we'll take a look at our heroes. Select the 'Hero' tab on the information window. You'll see images of both your heroes, their names and some basic details. One of them will have status set to Castellan, while the other will be free. Left-click on a hero and the Hero Profile window for that hero will open. The screen below shows my Castellan.


Note that the Castellan is now level 3, and there are 2 Upgrade Points available. When your hero gains enough experience, they will automatically gain levels. Castellans gain levels through building, training and researching. Whenever any project is finished, XP is gained. Hence Castellans tend to gain levels fairly quickly. Because I purchased an item for my Castellan, I want her to equip it. I do that by choosing the Equip tab at the top right.


All unassigned equipment that you have is shown in this tab. If your hero has equipped any items, they will not be shown here. There is a limit to how many items you can keep, so pay attention to how many you have gathered. You can sell unwanted equipment at the Bazaar.

I want to equip the Hood of Knowledge to my Castellan. I do that by clicking on it and the choosing 'Equip'. The picture of the hero doesn't change, but the item moves to the appropriate equip slot - in this case the head. The bonus from the item (Int + 4) is shown in green at the bottom of the screen. This immediately increases the gold production. Note that I have another piece of equipment shown as well; a piece or armor for my combat hero.


Close any Hero Profile windows you have open, and click on the Units button beside your combat hero. You will see the Units window appear. This window is also accessible in other ways, which we will see later. On the left-hand side is the hero you selected. The right-hand side is the other hero; you can swap units between heroes this way. Under each hero is a line saying 'Units' and then 0/X where X is their capacity. A level 1 hero has capacity 10,000 as can be seen below. Note that the level 3 hero has almost twice the capacity.


The units you have available are shown in the bottom row. In the image above, there are 70 imps and 4 Cyclops available. Some of the imps have been trained (remember I said keep training when you can) while the rest and all of the Cyclops are rewards from quests. You will want to transfer as many of these troops as you can to your hero. In order to do so, click on the unit you want to transfer, and then click on any of the squares below your hero. The Transfer window appears, and you can select how many to transfer. I am transferring all of the Cyclops to my hero. This takes up 6288 of my hero's capacity. I can do this by moving the slider all the way over towards my hero, or by typing the correct number into the box below. You can also click on the Maximum button beneath the hero. The image below shows the result of doing this.


When the troop rearrangement is correct, click on Okay. The units are now transferred, so transfer some more. I will transfer as many of the Imps as I can by clicking maximum. Because the hero is level 1, I can only transfer 31 imps. This uses up almost all of the hero's capacity.

Having the imps all in one group is not ideal. I will split them up into 3 groups, of 11, 10 and 10. I do this by clicking on the imps and then clicking on an empty square. A transfer window opens up again, and this time I will type the numbers in manually. In the end, my hero has four groups of units; 4 cyclops, 11 imps, 10 imps and 10 imps. During a turn of combat each group can only attack one enemy group; if you end up doing more damage than you need to, the rest of the damage is wasted.

Now it is time to leave the castle for the first time. Click the gate icon with Leave Castle written on it, in the lower right of the screen. After a moment's loading time, you will see the map screen.

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